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Bug#989 is in. Again. - Fish Magic

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February 18th, 2010

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04:05 pm - Bug#989 is in. Again.
The infamous Bug#989 was pushed into the trunk.

This marks an end of an important project that I personally and the runtime team spent eons of time on.

Why do I say we pushed it "again"? The fix, which is comprised by three worklogs, was initially pushed into 6.0 tree.
Yeah, an intended basis for the next GA.
But 6.0 received a bunch of alpha code, which, worse yet, was since then abandoned by its authors.

Just taking 200 changesets out, stabilizing them in a 5.1 based clone, and re-merging/integrating with the remaining stable features that were added to the trunk took 2 months. Thanks to brilliant 6.0 planning and the turbulent times...

But we didn't just do that. Thanks to MySQL's internal QA, and the time that the patch sat in a public tree, we were able to identify a lot of collateral problems, regressions, nice-to-haves,
and get them solved.

I'm sure such a significant change will not affect everyone positively. But at the same time, I'm looking forward to what it enables us to do in the future: higher scalability,
a more transparent architecture, flexibility to extend the system.

Today I'm cautiously proud to list all the tasks that have been completed:

WL#3726 "DDL locking for all metadata objects"
WL#4284 "Transactional DDL locking"
WL#4144 "Lock MERGE engine children"

Bug#989 "If DROP TABLE while there's an active transaction, wrong binlog order"
Bug#25144 "replication / binlog with view breaks"
Bug#39675 rename tables on innodb tables with pending transactions causes slave data issue"

Bug#30977 "Concurrent statement using stored function and DROP FUNCTION breaks SBR"
Bug#37346 "innodb does not detect deadlock between update and alter table"
Bug#45225 "Locking: hang if drop table with no timeout"
Bug#46224 "HANDLER statements within a transaction might lead to deadlocks"
Bug#41804 "purge stored procedure cache causes mysterious hang for many minutes"
Bug#26141 "mixing table types in trigger causes full table lock on innodb table"
Bug#43685 "Lock table affects other non-related tables"
Bug#22876 "Four-way deadlock"
Bug#44613 "SELECT statement inside FUNCTION takes a shared lock"
Bug#33948 "performance issue when using sysbench benchmark on a multiple-core system."

These are bugs that our QA engineers found and we fixed before the push:

Bug#40181 "Partitions: hang if create index
Bug#43867 "ALTER TABLE on a partitioned table causes unnecessary deadlocks

Bug#43272 "HANDLER SQL command does not work under LOCK TABLES"

Bug#46272 "New MDL: unnecessary deadlock"
Bug#46654 "False deadlock on concurrent DML/DDL with partitions, inconsistent behavior"
Bug#48541 "Deadlock between LOCK_open and LOCK_mdl (was deadlock with LOCK_thread_count)"
Bug#42862 "Crash on failed attempt to open a children of a merge table"
Bug#46273 "New MDL: Bug#989 is not fully fixed in case of ALTER"
Bug#50913 "Deadlock between open_and_lock_tables_derived and MDL"
Bug#45949 "Assertion `!tables->table' in open_tables() on ALTER + INSERT DELAYED"
Bug#47635 "assert in start_waiting_global_read_lock during CREATE VIEW"
Bug#46495 "Crash in reload_acl_and_cache on SIGHUP"
Bug#50821 "Deadlock between LOCK TABLES and ALTER TABLE"
Bug#51136 "Crash in pthread_rwlock_rdlock on TEMPORARY + HANDLER + LOCK + SP"
Bug#50907 "Assertion `hash_tables->table->next == __null' on HANDLER OPEN"
Bug#50908 "Assertion `handler_tables_hash.records == 0' failed in enter_locked_tables_mode"
Bug#51134 "Crash in MDL_lock::destroy on a concurrent DDL workload"
Bug#50412 "Assertion `! is_set()' failed in Diagnostics_area::set_ok_status at PREPARE"
Bug#42074 "concurrent optimize table and alter table = Assertion failed: thd->is_error()"
Bug#47335 "assert in get_table_share"
Bug#48246 "assert in close_thread_table"
Bug#47313 "assert in check_key_in_view during CALL procedure"
Bug#45035 "Altering table under LOCK TABLES results in "Error 1213 Deadlock found..."
Bug#39897 "lock_multi fails in pushbuild: timeout waiting for processlist"
Bug#48248 "assert in MDL_ticket::upgrade_shared_lock_to_exclusive"
Bug#41425 "Assertion in Protocol::end_statement() (pushbuild2) (diagnostics_area)"
Bug#42147 "Concurrent DML and LOCK TABLE ... READ for InnoDB table cause warnings in errlog"
Bug#42546 "Backup: RESTORE fails, thinking it finds an existing table"
Bug#46747 "Crash in MDL_ticket::upgrade_shared_lock_to_exclusive on TRIGGER + TEMP table"
Bug#45781 "infinite hang/crash in "opening tables" after handler tries to open merge table"
Bug#46673 "Deadlock between FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK and DML"
Bug#47107 "assert in notify_shared_lock on incorrect CREATE TABLE, HANDLER"
Bug#38661 "all threads hang in "opening tables" or "waiting for table" and cpu is at 100%"
Bug#50912 "Assertion `ticket->m_type >= mdl_request->type' failed on HANDLER + I_S"
Bug#50786 "Assertion `thd->mdl_context.trans_sentinel() == __null' failed in open_ltable()"
Bug#51093 "Crash (possibly stack overflow) in MDL_lock::find_deadlock"
Bug#48210 "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK deadlocks against concurrent CREATE PROCEDURE"
Bug#45066 "FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK deadlocks against LOCK TABLE"
Bug#45067 "Assertion `stmt_da->is_error()' in Delayed_insert::open_and_lock_table"
Bug#46610 "MySQL 5.4.4: MyISAM MRG engine crash on auto-repair of child"
Bug#47249 "assert in MDL_global_lock::is_lock_type_compatible"
Bug#46374 "crash, INSERT INTO t1 uses function, function modifies t1"
Bug#48724 "Deadlock between INSERT DELAYED and FLUSH TABLES"
Bug#50998 "Deadlock in MDL code during test rqg_mdl_stability"
Bug#47648 "main.merge fails sporadically"
Bug#49988 "MDL deadlocks with mysql_create_db, reload_acl_and_cache"
Bug#48940 "MDL deadlocks against mysql_rm_db"
Bug#48538 "Assertion in thr_lock() on LOAD DATA CONCURRENT INFILE"
Bug#44040 "MySQL allows creating a MERGE table upon VIEWs but crashes when using it"
Bug#39674 "On shutdown mdl_destroy() called before plugin_shutdown()"

Finally, some fixes are not yet in, but were "enabled" by the new design and have patches:

Bug#33669 "Transactional temporary tables do not work under --read-only"
Bug#42643: InnoDB does not support replication of TRUNCATE TABLE


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Date:February 19th, 2010 12:33 am (UTC)
Wow... I am impressed by the amount of the links you provided here :)

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